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Prenupman.com was founded in 2020 by Hogni Fridriksson and Elias Benudiz. Hogni has experienced the family law system first hand through a contentious divorce that cost him over $100,000 dollars in legal fees and excessive support payments to an ex-spouse. We believe no-one should get married without a prenup as the family courts cannot be relied on for a fair outcome. Getting married without a prenup is like driving without insurance. No one plans to get in an accident, but accidents happen. If you don’t get a prenup you are bound by the laws in the state where the divorce was filed and that can mean you may be sentenced to a life time of financial obligations to your ex-spouse. We help couples get a prenuptial agreement that is crafted by a qualified attorney following the exact process you need for it to be considered valid by the court. Research shows that couples with prenuptial agreements have better marriages as the process of getting a prenup stimulates a conversation about their current and future finances and expectations of each other in the marriage or if the marriage ends. Getting married has very serious legal and financial implications and lives are ruined every day in America by the family law system. The court system creates high conflict and expensive divorces. Prenupman’s mission is to protect American families by making sure every married couple gets a prenuptial agreement. We also provide postnuptial agreements and relationship, financial and legal education that may reduce their risk of divorce and help them live happier more fulfilling lives.

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