How to Find a Prenup Lawyer and Pick One

Finding a lawyer for a prenuptial agreement
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How Do You Know You’re Picking the Right Attorney?

You have to do your due diligence. You want to ask your attorney how many prenups he/she has done. Remember, only 2.2 million people get married a year in all of America. Just like picking a real estate agent or loan officer, you want to pick an attorney with experience. You want to ask your attorney about the ranges of net wealth, assets and debts he wrote prenups for? puts you in contact with two attorneys who specialize in this scope of law from the state you live in. As we say, may the best attorney win and you, the consumer, get great service at an affordable price.

Does My Personality Fit the Attorney I’m Picking?

It has to! You need to pick an attorney who you get along with and can be yourself with. Just like in your marriage, you have to be able to be yourself because you’re in this together.

Does My Attorney Answer My Call or Return My Email or Text Within 48 Hours?

There should be no reason why they can’t.  Attorneys are normal people just like us, so do not be afraid to reach out to your attorney with questions. It’s their job to be there for you.

Answer your prenup questions

Does My Attorney Take the Time With Me on the Phone and in Person?

Currently the world has adapted to working remotely from home and doing business over the phone and internet. You should be able to complete the whole process over the phone and by fax or email until it’s time to sign documents, just like a home refinance or purchase. Your attorney has an obligation to take the time with you. Do not be afraid to talk. The cycle of starting and finishing your prenuptial agreement may take a few phone calls and a few hours of talking to finish everything just like refinancing or purchasing a home or automobile.

How Do I Find a Prenup Lawyer?

You want to consult two or more attorneys. You can look online or ask a friend. puts you in contact with two attorneys in your state who specialize in this scope of law. Almost everything can be done by phone and email these days. You can go into the office as well. As we say, may the best attorney win and you get better value in the end.

Does My Attorney Make Me Feel Comfortable?

Feeling comfortable with your attorney is essential. There should not be anything hidden and you want to get along with your attorney. If they do not make you feel comfortable, you should keep searching.

Can My Attorney Do Everything Over the Phone and Email, Like Refinancing a Home?

Yes. Now that when working remote from home and shopping online or getting food or groceries delivered to your home is the new norm, the experience of getting a prenuptial agreement is too. is an optimizing process for you to meet attorneys. Our motto is: May the best attorney win!

What is My Attorney’s Experience?

Experience is not always measured by age. You want to ask your attorney how many prenuptial agreements he or she has done. Keep in mind that only 2.2 million couples get married per year in the United States.

Is it Best to Use an Attorney From My City, County or State?

It’s best to use an attorney who has experience and is licensed in your state. You don’t want to cut corners, because if you do, the prenuptial agreement may not hold up in court if contested. It’s important to choose the right attorney and make sure that your prenuptial agreement is legally binding. The best way to make sure that your prenuptial agreement is bullet proof is to have a plan that both you and your spouse agree too. Honestly is the best policy and all marriages should start off on the right note with no secrets between each other, so that you want to get a prenup right after you propose.

What Kind of Attorneys Write Prenuptial Agreements?

Attorneys that work in the scope of family law. Just like doctors, there are many kinds of attorneys and they all specialize in different fields. You want to get an attorney who specializes in family law. You also want to get your prenuptial agreement done right after you propose. If you sign a prenuptial agreement the day before the wedding, it can be invalidated. You want to do it after you propose and way before you get married.

Will My Attorney Travel to Me if I am Unable to Meet With Them in Person?

A good attorney will be able to work with you via phone or video conference.

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